A2Z Medicare is a British business helping to supply customers with the highest quality products at the best price.

With the recent pandemic causing an issue with medical supplies and their availability, business owners have been faced with a bombardment of offers for product driven by price and availability, not quality. Business owners have not had sufficient time to understand the differences of various codes such as EN14683 OR EN1491. They have not had the need in the past to worry about these standards as they were never faced with such a restricted supply on essential items within the healthcare supply chain.

Therefore, what has happened is business owners have become more focused on the price of the supplies as price gauging has forced them to take control of purchasing to avoid being taken advantage of by existing suppliers. This has led to the entry of sub-standard or even counterfeit product into the supply chain. Middlemen and traders that are fighting to survive have begun to buy products that they were told were authentic and sold them at cheap prices to present cost savings to care home owners and health care providers. Unfortunately, this unethical or uneducated reseller isn’t thinking about the consequences on staff or the patient’s health.

The bottom line should never supersede the protection of your employees and patients. Understanding the complexities of certification and evaluating test reports ensuring batch numbers match is not something that wholesalers or their suppliers are trained to do. Therefore, they attract you with low prices and sell you sub-standard quality product.

“Traceability of supply chain is essential in the healthcare sector”

To avoid these issues A2Z Medicare are manufacturing their own products in approved factories who have been manufacturing medical supplies for over 20 years. Our three-ply masks are all sterilised at the factory, providing extra protection and our BFE of 95% really is almost 95% not barely over the minimum legal requirement to qualify for the relevant standards. Some of these masks provide less protection than a handkerchief.

Our products are manufactured in China, India and Malaysia and are accredited with all the right certification, offering your health care business total traceability in your supply chain. These types of assurances can’t be offered by random wholesalers bringing in product from textile or electronics factories who have temporarily adapted their manufacturing plants. They are interested in their survival, not yours or your businesses. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but ask yourself the question, ‘what is more important, the bottom line or front line worker protection; profit or quality?’