We specialise in wholesale orders, whether it is 100 boxes of nitrile gloves or 10,000. We do have vast OTG UK stock. Our years of experience in supply chain management allows us to give our customers the best price we will fully update you in regards to your order status.




We have already supplied some dentists practices/care homes with  surgical face masks and medical grade nitrile gloves. If there is a certain specification you require please contact us and we should be able to source for you at the right price.



Whether it is face masks for your staff, or gloves for cash handling, with the variety we stock we can help supply the right products for you at the best price.



Schools and Universities

We have alcohol free sanitiser available which is perfect for Schools and childcare centres. We can also provide alcohol based products and our full range of PPE.




A2Z Medicare is a British business helping to supply customers with the highest quality products at the best price.


Hair and Beauty

Our glove range gives economically viable options for those in hair care and also people who work in beauty