Unlike other disinfectant which need to be left in place for several minutes to be effective, which rarely happens when staff are under pressure, ShieldMe™ requires only a few seconds contact time to kill bacteria and eliminate odours.

It works faster and more effectively than other cleaning and disinfecting agents, but it is safe for humans and the enviorment.

ShieldMe™ Water-Based Disinfectant & Sanitiser is a powerful replacement for traditional chemical disinfecting and sterilisation processes. The products only uses natural elements and has been repeatedly proven to be safe for humans yet lethal against all forms of pathogens.

It is fast and effective against all know pathogens and kills 99.999% of harmful germs, viruses and spores including influenzas, E-coli, C-difficle, MRSA and Norovirus.

ShieldMe™ Water-Based Disinfectant & Sanitiser kills all known pathogens in LESS THAN 1 MINUTE and with no significant safety precautions or health warnings to worry about, it is also safe to ingest, wash with and inhale.

It is an incredibly versatile surface disinfectant specifically formulated for use in Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospitality, Leisure, Catering and Educational environments. It can also be used in the processing & production of food and beverages.

ShieldMe™ is in compliant with British Standards & European Norms BSEN 14476, 14204, 13704 & 1656.

ShieldMe™ High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer